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Prior to dry cleaning, all items are thoroughly inspected for stains and treated with appropriate spotting treatments to remove not only the build-up of grime from everyday living, but also specific stains like red and white wine, tea and coffee, baby milk, grease, blood and many other types of stains. All clothing items are then dry cleaned using the Perchloroethylene solvent (Perc), usually denoted by the symbol P.

This involves items being immersed in crystal clear Virgin Perc and processed using the Dry Cleaning machine. After being processed, every item of clothing is inspected again as it may be necessary to repeat the stain removal procedure to fully remove the more stains on delicate fabrics.

If stain removal has been successful, then each item is pressed using our high-powered steam Hoffman press and steam irons. Our highly skilled and experienced pressers use their considerable abilities to hand-finish all garments.